Saturday, December 26, 2009

August 26, 1999, Departure

After a couple of days beyond the day we thought we would get on the road, we have finally done it!

Leslie and Guido are at the house doing the many things necessary to prepare for the filming of their new short movie and the documentary they will be doing for the Patterson Inn.  The documentary is in return for using the old kitchen of the Inn for one scene in their movie.  So being home the extra days gave more time with them, and also to take care of matters, like the inspection on two cars that had to be done before leaving as the registrations expire before we return (received those notices late last week), and also, to absentee-vote for an important issue involving the life of the Corning library.

So, fully loaded with all we think we will need, we hooked up and pulled out about 1:30 Thursday, Aug 26.  Janet manuvered us down the Wolcott hill beneath the branches trimmed for this passage...through Corning to Rt 15 heading south toward Pennsylvania.

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