Saturday, December 26, 2009

August 27-28, '99 Montgomery, Pa

We are settled in a crowded campground on the banks of the west branch of the Susquehanna below Williamsport Pa.  The camp supr. was very helpful in getting us into our campsite...directed us in...cut down branches...and aided our unhitching with a crowbar, as the jaws of our hitch didn't seem to want to open.  He had an answer, or at least 2-3 alternatives, to any problem you might possibly run into with an RV.

Cooked our first dinner on the gas stove...went to hook up the cable TV and

realized we didn't have a cable long to look for one today...just one of those learning experiences...but our 25 disk CD player has provided all the background entertainment we need...found out we have two zones of speakers so the music is in the bedroom also...nice discovery...lots to learn about all these built in services.

I'm sitting here looking out over the Susquehanna, low in its banks, under tall over-hanging trees with a bridge spanning it's quiet depths to the north.  Our neighbor across River Road has a family summer set-up in a 20 footer, he's ambling about with a mug of coffee in the warm morning mist in the local fashion of shorts and tank-top.

Went to the Little League East vs South game last night and got rained-out...would you believe it!! Hasn't rained all summer while we were cooling our heels to get on the road and our first night out is spoiled by rain!...But it was comfortable back in our big-rig even though it rained most of the night.  The game is to continue at 11 this morning followed by a HR hitting contest and the All-Star game.

Jan has retrieved the Nordic track from our custom closet and the rig is gently rocking to her exercise. Got to get some breakfast and get going...will continue later.

The Alabama team won the U.S. Little League championship, but the home run contest was cancelled due to the postponed we are back at the rig after a nice drive along the river and lunch in a scenic place...have hooked up our new TV cable and Janet is attempting to get us a picture as we hear that Dotty Pepper is leading the LPGA at 14 under and we would like to catch some of that today.  Will catch the All-star game tonight...with fireworks!

We can’t get on line here as the camp office is a zoo and they have only one phone.  Will be able to check and send e-mail less often but will keep in touch. 

August 26, 1999, Departure

After a couple of days beyond the day we thought we would get on the road, we have finally done it!

Leslie and Guido are at the house doing the many things necessary to prepare for the filming of their new short movie and the documentary they will be doing for the Patterson Inn.  The documentary is in return for using the old kitchen of the Inn for one scene in their movie.  So being home the extra days gave more time with them, and also to take care of matters, like the inspection on two cars that had to be done before leaving as the registrations expire before we return (received those notices late last week), and also, to absentee-vote for an important issue involving the life of the Corning library.

So, fully loaded with all we think we will need, we hooked up and pulled out about 1:30 Thursday, Aug 26.  Janet manuvered us down the Wolcott hill beneath the branches trimmed for this passage...through Corning to Rt 15 heading south toward Pennsylvania.